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Probating a Copy of a Will

  Creating proper estate planning documents is an important step in ensuring that your wishes are carried out upon your death. Equally as important, however, is ensuring that your estate planning documents are kept in a secure, safe place, so that your executor can access the...

What is a Life Estate?

When helping clients create their customized estate plan, we are often dealing with the scenario of a blended family.  A blended family is a family where the couple’s children (or some of the children) were born from a previous relationship. A blended family can face some tough...

Do you have to act as Executor?

An executor is a person named in a will who is responsible carrying out the terms of the will.  Generally speaking, this means taking control of a deceased’s persons assets when they pass away, and distributing their estate according to the terms in their will.  Hopefully if you...

Can I just write where I want my stuff to go on a napkin?

Your will does not have to be anything fancy. Napkin Wills can be held up as valid so long as the formalities of the Wills Act (BC) are met, including those formalities respecting the execution of the will. For instance, you need two witnesses and neither of them can be a...