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What if you do not have a Will?

Have you ever heard that if you die without a Will the government gets all of your assets/estate? This is something I hear from time to time. Although the moral of the story (don’t die without a Will) shouldn’t be lost – you can rest assured that the government won’t get it all...

Best time to draw up a Will?

We are often asked when the best time to draw up a Will is, or when you should update a previously made Will. A Will is a legally enforceable document which sets forth a person’s (aka testator’s) wishes regarding matters to be attended to after his/her passing. Under the Wills...

My debts exceed my assets. Do I really need a will?

One of the main reasons to create a Will is to ensure that family and friends of your choosing inherit your assets, however there are other important reasons to create a Will. A Will also allows you to appoint an executor to assume control of your assets and payout your debts. If...

Can I just write where I want my stuff to go on a napkin?

Your will does not have to be anything fancy. Napkin Wills can be held up as valid so long as the formalities of the Wills Act (BC) are met, including those formalities respecting the execution of the will. For instance, you need two witnesses and neither of them can be a...