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Joint Tenancy vs. Tenancy in Common – What you need to know when purchasing a home

When registering ownership on title to a property, it is important for the buyers to give some thought to how they want to hold title to the property and to seek guidance from their lawyer or notary with regards to this matter.  Determining what is best in the circumstances...

How much time should you plan for completing on a real estate transaction following condition removal?

We frequently get asked how quickly we can complete on a real estate transaction from the time conditions are removed.   The answer to this question usually depends on a few factors including, but not limited to, the following: Are we acting for the seller or the buyer? Is the...

What are guaranteed funds and why do we need them?

When purchasing real estate, a company or another asset, you will be asked to provide your lawyer or notary with the purchase price by way of “guaranteed funds”. Guaranteed funds, also known as certified funds, is a type of payment which is guaranteed to clear. This means that...