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Best time to draw up a Will?

We are often asked when the best time to draw up a Will is, or when you should update a previously made Will. A Will is a legally enforceable document which sets forth a person’s (aka testator’s) wishes regarding matters to be attended to after his/her passing. Under the Wills...

Maintaining records for your company

Maintaining the records for your company is an important aspect of running your business. Under the Business Corporations Act in British Columbia and the Articles of Incorporation, there are certain matters that must be attended to each year including the filing of an annual...

Real Estate Conveyancing Picing

We often get asked about real estate conveyancing pricing. For example, “if I’m buying a house, would the legal work cost the same at most firms in Kelowna?”. The answer to this question is “no”. A client will get a number of different prices or...